Organizing Director

Responsible for Remotely Training and Supervising TJEF’s Field Organizers, Developing and Executing Field Plans, Coordinating with Partner Organizations

The Trade Justice Education Fund (TJEF) is a new nonprofit that sponsors public education programs designed to expand awareness about the worker rights, environment and climate, and public health implications of U.S. trade policy. 

TJEF is currently campaigning to secure an emergency waiver of World Trade Organization (WTO) rules standing in the way of increased global production of COVID-19 vaccines, test kits and treatments.  Increasing global access to these goods is necessary to save millions of lives and end the pandemic. 

TJEF’s long-term mission is to increase public understanding of just, sustainable trade policy alternatives, as opposed to the business-as-usual neoliberalism and racist nationalism frames that are often presented as the scope of the trade policy debate.  Other TJEF programs include campaigns on climate justice and gig economy worker protections. 

With deep roots in the labor, environmental, family farm, faith and consumer movements, TJEF’s officers and directors together have decades of leadership experience in trade issue education. 

TJEF is seeking an Organizing Director responsible for remotely training and supervising TJEF’s team of six to nine field organizers across the country; developing, updating and executing field plans on a rolling basis; convening internal and external coordinating meetings; representing TJEF in coalition meetings with partner organizations; compiling weekly field reports; and filling in with remote organizing on an as-needed basis. 

Primary Responsibilities

The primary purpose of this position is to develop and execute TJEF’s field campaigns and to supervise TJEF’s team of staff and contract organizers. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Remotely training and supervising TJEF’s team of six to nine organizers across the country, including with onboarding orientations, regular one-on-one meetings, and joint team meetings;
  • Creating written campaign plans in coordination with the executive director and other staff; updating them on a rolling basis; and overseeing the execution of those plans;
  • Developing systems for tracking field progress (via Slack, Google Sheets, etc.) and producing accurate weekly reports on national organizing efforts in coordination with the Operations Director;
  • Organizing regular issue briefings and convening coordinating meetings for partner organizations and grassroots activists across the country;
  • Formally representing TJEF at a variety of coalition meetings, conferences, speaking engagements and other events;
  • Drafting online action alerts, petitions, factsheets, website updates, social media posts, and other organizing materials in conjunction with other staff;
  • Bottom lining the organizing of national press events, webinars, protests and other events on an as-needed basis, and filling in with remote organizing in states and regions where we lack organizing capacity on an as-needed basis;
  • Recruiting and hiring additional organizers as funding allows; and
  • Fulfilling all other organizing work on an as-needed basis.


Only highly-organized self-starters should consider applying for this position.  Successful candidates will:

  • Have a deep commitment to social and economic justice;
  • Have at least six years organizing experience and three years of supervisory experience, including experience training and supervising other organizers; developing volunteer leadership; and organizing protests and events, conducting media turnout, convening multi-stakeholder planning meetings and conducting a variety of other day-to-day organizing efforts;
  • Be comfortable communicating clear expectations and introducing accountability into professional relationships, and have experience helping people you’ve supervised build skills and confidence and overcome obstacles to success;
  • Possess strong communication skills; extensive experience with public speaking and meeting facilitation; and a proven track-record of clear, effective writing (including with published op-eds, factsheets, newsletter articles, email action alerts, etc.);
  • Be extremely detail-oriented; skilled at task tracking, calendaring and planning ahead; deadline-focused; and able to handle multiple responsibilities at one time;
  • Be able to work within a budget; to collate information from a variety of staff and contractors; and to report accurately and regularly on a team’s work;
  • Knowledge of trade policy issues, and experience working with a variety of constituencies on trade policy issues, is a strong plus; and
  • Fluency in languages beyond English is a strong plus.

Hours, Location & Compensation

This is a full-time, remote position paying $60,000 – $65,000, depending upon experience and location.  Other benefits provided.    

To Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to as soon as possible.  We will consider resumes until the positions are filled.  No calls please.

Additional openings online here

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